The term energy audit describes the efficiency evaluation of energy conservation plans.
It is the first step for companies and for the public administration to attest their energy management system (for a more in-depth analysis, EN ISO 50001:2011).
An energy audit, through scrupulous assessments of interactions between the energy systems of the environment in question, estimates achievable costs and savings.

Energy Audit: the right opportunity for the public administration
Energy is a key point to reduce the budgetary costs in the public sector. The public administration is one of the main energy consumers in Italy. It could look for the highest efficiency through an energy audit analysis. Energy service companies (ESCO) like Coesa represent an essential support to pinpoint energy efficiency strategies.
The energy audit is also a cultural opportunity, the public administration could lead by example for the realisation of full-scale energy conservation policies.
Energy efficiency for the public administration also represents a valuable ally to generate new resources both through the reduction of operating costs with the resulting reduction of current expenses, and through finding contributions (even non-repayable) for the realisation of investments. The most profitable incentive for public administrations regarding energy efficiency is conto termico

Companies and energy audit
Efficiently monitoring the consumption of energy is a real solution to achieve a reduction in costs for every company. A lower energy consumption results in a reduction of costs and in a greater competitiveness. Still, many companies are not aware or ignore energy losses during daily tasks.   Energy audit analysis, or even managing and controlling the amount of energy, is vital for every business The first step in the right direction is to rely on an accredited party to conduct the energy audit who are capable of supplying specialised consultations towards energy efficiency.

COESA: supporto accredito for energy audit analysis
ESCO COESA is undoubtedly an effective and necessary support for companies and the public administration. Coesa can provide a clear plan on return on investment thanks to its excellent expertise in planning and creating.
Coesa carries out energy audits helping the public administration and companies to switch from a step by step logical resolution to a new system capable of including the organisation in its entirety. All this in a context of continuous improvement.

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