Today we have asked a few questions to Matteo Stoppa, the newest member of our team. Let’s get to know him better.

1. What’s the career path that led you to Ceosa Energy?
After 10 fruitful years in the start-up sector, where I had the chance to turn projects and dreams into actual companies, I have decided to go back into the corporate world where everything started, but this time with a new mindset and a new point of view on innovation.
I have decided to work with Coesa because of the concreteness and the longing to take risks that define us both and that are at the basis of the experiences I have lived throughout the years.
This journey has started from our common desire to play a leading role in the innovation industry and in the ecological transition, starting from a vertical cooperation regarding the business developpement of Coesa’s patented property, and arriving to the choice of taking over every aspect of the company innovation and the internal processes concerning the development of news services and technologies.

2. The role of an Innovation Leader: a new job position already essential to the energy efficiency sector. Tell us more about it.
Innovation is not led by fortuity. If we want to become the reference point in a particular industry introducing new business models, services and technologies, we have to follow an organised path of trial and exploration.
Technological innovation is exponentially increasing and an innovation leader must be able to understand which technologies will have a direct impact on the market.
Simultaneously, internal processes must follow the pace imposed by technological innovation.
The innovation leader also has the task of softening the stiffness of business processes, stimulating a collaborative culture and atmosphere which can become an asset for the company’s organisational structure.
Innovation in ecological transition is a constantly growing trend and we want to be at the forefront of this scenario.

3. Why did you choose to work with Coesa Energy? What caught your attention and your interest?
Coesa is defined by its courage to change and by its desire for innovation as well as by its attention to extremely current subject matters with a clear long term vision.
These are all essential features to function in a sector where we want to stand out with intelligence and extreme practicality.

4. What are the first steps you have moved with Coesa and what does the future hold?
One of the main processes we are heading towards is building automation/cognitive building, that is, systematising the energy efficiency interventions that are carried out in residential buildings with a common management effort. This implementation will allow us to gain an additional energetic and economical benefit for the end customer.
Having a dynamic and user-driven system will allow us to really address the user’s needs while respecting the environment.
A virtual assistant for temperature control won’t cater neither to a specific user’s need, nor to energy efficiency; it would only be a cool gadget to show our friends.
For the future we foresee the introduction of new energy efficiency services, an increase in digitalization, the experimentation and systematisation of new technologies for energy production from alternative sources in partnership with research centres and start-ups.

5. Last question: what are your predictions regarding the industry of renewable resources in relation to the current scenario?

“Knowledge is power” is a suitable maxim for every sector, but it is especially fitting when we talk about renewable resources. During an emergency situation, when a solution must be found in a very short period, renewable resources are not yet adequately responsive to substitute fossil fuels such as natural gas, coal, petrol, etc.
Renewable resources must and will definitely play a more important role balancing the nation’s energy while being more accessible. That is why we need a well defined project with clear goals and methods.

Thank you Matteo, the only thing left to say is: Welcome on Board!