What is a smart home? Let’s find out together

The expression “smart home” refers to the possibility of managing, either in an automated manner or remotely, the systems and the devices that can be found in a home. The goal is to save energy, to make life easier and to guarantee the security of those who live in a smart home.

These are the best ways to make your home smarter:
Personal care: you can receive notifications when an accident occurs or if there are fragile people at home;
Air conditioning and heating management: you can remotely control air conditioning systems, thermostats and boilers;
Managing appliances: by using an app or your own voice you can turn on and off the dishwasher, the washing machine, the oven and the microwave;
Lighting system: by using an app or your own voice you can turn the lights on and off, as well as adjust the colour and the intensity;
Monitoring of energy consumption: you can remotely monitor the energy consumption of electronic devices and electric appliances through a smart plug;
Home’s salubrity: there are devices that monitor and purify the air of indoor spaces, temperature and humidity detectors, climate control units that provide information through WiFi;
Security: video surveillance and video intercom systems that provide access to images remotely or on a Smart TV, smart locks that send alerts and notifications in case of an intrusion;
Smart home speakers: devices that can be controlled through your voice and that are able to give you various information – e.g. the weather, the traffic – and to issue commands – e.g. adjust the lights or the temperature.

In 2021 the Smart Home market has started to increase even in Italy. In spite of the fact that our country is not equal to the rest of the European market, it has noticed an increase of +29% compared to 2020, reaching up to 650 million euros, which equals to 11 euros on average per citizen, surpassing pre-Covid levels.
Despite this success, the increase could have reached 45% if it wasn’t for the shortage of semiconductors and raw materials.

The market is led by the sale of physical devices such as video cameras, detectors for doors and windows and their related locks. However,we can observe an increasing supply connected to subscription plans which allow you to store images and videos in the cloud, make automatic emergency calls or activate immediate response services in the event of an alarm.
Leading the classification for the most sought-after devices we can find smart appliances (135 million euros market), smart speaker (130 million euros), security items (125 million) boilers, thermostats and smart air conditioning (110 million euros), followed by speakers, light bulbs, smart plugs and devices to remotely adjust curtains and roller shutters.
Majority of consumers put the increase of home security at the forefront of the list of reasons that contribute to the purchase decisions of smart objects (44% of respondents).

Coesa’s contribution
The evolution toward smart solutions brings countless advantages to the consumers of new technologies by giving them the chance of saving time, increasing their home security and making daily tasks easier. Moreover, it can decrease their environmental impact.
For these reasons we work hard to lead consumers through informed and suitable choices based on their needs.
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