Why work at COESA?
You believe green energy can be accessible to everyone, carbon footprint can be
reduced early with faster interventions, and complex processes can be managed
easily without fear or stress.
You believe in building technology and clever solutions that can change people’s
lives and well-being for the better, and we believe we can achieve it together.

Eager to leave your mark in the world?
At COESA you will get the chance to work at the forefront of green transition, for
some of the world’s largest institutions to individual users who message us every day
and tell us how our solutions can save the our Earth.

Grow exponentially
We invest in our people’s growth and believe that you should be evaluated based on
your potential, not your experience.
We offer tailored growth plans and make sure every COESA member crafts the path
they want for themselves, whether it’s managing a team of curious people, or having
an impact as an expert in their field.

Work with amazing people
If you ask every single COESA team member what they love the most about working
here, everyone will say the people.
Joining the COESA team means you will get to work with some of the smartest,
most curious, humble, friendly, and passionate humans you will ever come across.
The character traits we value most in a successful candidate are integrity,
dependability, a growth mindset, a passion for a bigger purpose, and profound care
for the people we strive to serve. These are the values all members at COESA proudly live by, forming a cohesive team of “A” players that inspire and support one another,
from daily professional achievements to setting up personal goals.

Get challenged every day
At COESA, no day is the same. This is not your typical run-of-the-mill, 9-to-5 job. We
learn fast, we work fast, and we get rewarded by building groundbreaking products
while working together to solve challenging problems we’ve never encountered

An environment that fosters continuous learning
Working at COESA is not just about completing specific tasks and staying within the
boundaries of one team. COESA thrives on collaboration and exchanges between
talents of different educational backgrounds and trades. We enjoy learning from one
another on daily basis, challenging each other’s perspectives to find new solutions,
and consider everyone’s input important when creating our products and services.

We believe a strong work/life balance and a healthy lifestyle are crucial to fuel
performance, which is why every position at COESA comes with great responsibility
and perks: